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shakespeare reels wiki

Also, a statue of Shakespeare appears saying that the story is similar to his own, and thinks that it will have the same ending.
Ugly Stik is most well known for its fishing rods.William Shakespeare (The Bard of Avon).1996 Shakespeare gets a new corporate identity: Anthony Industries changes to K2, Inc.Is elected to the National Sporting Goods Hall of Fame.1908 Shakespeare Company slogan was created "Built Like a Watch" 1915 Name changed to The Shakespeare Company 1918 During World War I The Shakespeare Company factory was converted to manufacture mortar fuses and automobile carburetors.England 's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".The rods made using this method included an internal spiral fiberglass core and parallel glass fibers impregnated with pigmented polyester resin, which was then covered in several layers of tape to hold these components together while they cured in an oven.Shakespeare's works have been adapted several times by Disney: Hamlet was adapted by Disney in, the Lion King, whilst, romeo and Juliet has been adapted.Several other characters from the show are named for Shakespearean characters, such as Banquo, Fleance, and Puck.1941 World War II: The company had contracts to build controls red white and blue gokkast for aircraft, tanks, and jeeps.
In addition to braided and fly line, Shakespeare was one of the firsts to manufacture monofilament line from raw materials.So while we're busy developing and manufacturing top quality fishing gear, grab your tackle and head to your favorite fishing hole.In an American Dragon episode, Jake Long and Rose were about to perform Shakespeare's Marc Anthony and Cleopatra until Rose was replaced by Spud, due to Rose's foot injury from a fight between Jake as the American Dragon and Rose as the Huntsgirl.After the number, Waldorf comments that he always regretted not studying Shakespeare as a boy.In " Smells Like Trouble Genie transformed into the 3 witches from MacBeth while making a witch's brew "Double, Bubble, Toil and Trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble".In the Gravity Falls episode, " Headhunters one of the wax figures, named "Wax William Shakespeare is based on him.1995 Shakespeare re-enters the baitcast market with the low-profile Sigma baitcast reel.Ugly Stik got its name from the "ugly" appearance of their first rods.