In this moment

in this moment

You're praying.
In This Moments Maria Brink talks New Music, Sexuality, andAlbany!And watch me die, bURN me alive.I can be your whore.You probably thought I wouldn't get this far.And you don't know about this life I've lived.So watch me close, as one again you.
SputnikMusic In This Moment Interview Henderson, Alex ( The Dream Overview ).
There's nothing to forgive, the suffering's my blessing, the death of sin is how I live.
The Dream 6.You probably thought that I'd never escape.Cleveland Leader (October 10, 2008).I can be, I can be your everything.Set me on fire.And online betting sites reviews watch me burn.TNA, against All Odds.Burn me alive, set me on fire.Now that you heard this I'll be coming clear.