Graphics card slot not working

I could see the screen on the older card, but popping in the GTX 295 will not work in that slot no matter what I've tried.
I put all cables in place, I seat the card works.
The perplexing thing about this issue, is that upon further troubleshooting, I put in a extreme casino no deposit bonus codes october 2017 GT 9800 (an older video card) into the primary (blue) slot that gave me the error, and it worked.
It leads me to the desktop, where I download the latest catalyst.But on intuition I slid the GTX 295 into the second, white slot on the PC and it works fine!Two months ago everything was working fine, then I had to take everything to another room to paint the walls in my room.I assumed this meant the video card itself was damaged at first and almost wept.This time it accepts it, and as a result it's permanently stuck to black screen.Try back with 6870, black screen.Why would my video card not work on the x16 lanes slot, but will work on the x8 slot and is there any way to get the video card back onto the primary blue slot and back to normal?
I have a p8p67 from Asus, as such it doesn't have anything onboard that I know.If this does not happen, insert the CD that was provided with your video card into the cdrom drive.Then, it starts looking for drivers, and from the small log in the corner it tells me it installed it as a 6870, which is what should happen.Which does make it a dual-gpu on a single slot.Your motherboard will have a jumper shorting two pins usually labeled normal operation.Power up the system.