Galaga arcade machine ebay

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On CL they average around 500.
(capcom) - Upright Game 350.
Space Fury - Upright version only.Mercs - Dedicated upright with 25" monitor 300-450.Dedicated upright game?Warlords - Dedicated cocktail game.Cameltry (Taito) - Upright game 250-350.NBA Jam - Dedicated 25" cabinet 650-1000.Sold a collector quality one for 6800 www gokkasten gratis nl case Quartet - Atari / Dedicated upright game.
(the) Invaders - dedicated zaccaria cabinet 350-400.Ebay Tinstar - Dedicated upright game 800-1200.19xx - Upright Arcade Machine / Conversion 350-500.Tower of Druaga (251).No fading or water damage.R R-Type - Dedicated upright game 500-750.Space Invaders Deluxe (midway) - Cocktail version 300-400.