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Uruguay has banned transactions over 5,000.Chronology / audit trail reports, daily management briefing reports, interface to accounting systems.In contrast, the money in the US stock market (equity shares in publicly traded companies) is over 20 trillion in size.For this reason, the Central Banks are slowly pushing to implement reforms that will either tax physical cash or ban it all together.Survive the Feds War on Cash.81 Bonne Aventure Main, Road, Gasparillo.
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Web access, automated notifications, lab performance / revenue data readily available.And its unfolding before our very eyes.Founded in 1995, the organization has over 100 successful lims installations in environmental and industrial hygiene labs worldwide.Khemia offers a complete, comprehensive and cost effective suite of Labratory Information management system (lims) software with a proven track record of improved productivity and standard compliance for Environmental and Industrial labs.Total Credit Market Instruments (mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, junk bonds, commercial paper and other digitally-based money that is based on debt) is even larger.7 trillion.Its a little known fact that the cause for the gut-wrenching collapsing in late September-October 2008 was due to a significant portion of investors trying to move their eurocazino mobile money out of money market funds.